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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tell small businesses about

Pick up the phone and call everyone you know involved in a small business! Well, read this first, but then call them, they will thank you for saving the company money. AND, your organization will start making money on their regular purchases. Everybody wins.

The KEY: When you go through, find Office Depot and click on the DEAL link. There is a coupon for $30 off any order over $150. That's 20%! (although, it comes down if you order way over that, of course) But, you can use it as often as you'd like and for the rest of the year, until 12/31/09. Using this coupon makes this a very easy decision.

The DETAILS: I run a small business. So, I needed supplies, including ink, windowed envelopes, bubble mailers and more. I went to both Office Depot and Staples, both online and in store. Office Depot had the same or lower prices on ALL of my items, especially ink, where Staples (in-store) was over double what I paid. I also called a friend of mine who runs a small business and asked for the printout of a recent order from to compare. The big ticket item, The Toner cartridges, were exactly the same price, so now she's saving $30 every time they need one (remember to get the $30 coupon, you need to click through!).

Both online stores are free Next Day shipping on orders over $50.

The WRAP-UP: My supplies arrived at my front door the very next day. The order was exactly as I'd placed it, and I didn't leave my house.

If you know someone involved in a small business, share this with them.
If you know a good 2click success story, share it with me! (

Smart saving and happy clicking,

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