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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A to Z Buzz Words

It's easy to remind people to remember 2Clickfundraising when they shop. To raise a ton of money for your group, it just takes adjusting the way that you and your supporters shop online. I've put together a list of buzz words to help you remind your friends and families to adjust the way that they shop as well.

Anytime you hear one of the words below, think about the way that you can gently remind your supporters to change the way they shop. When you hear someone at the coffee shop or the Friday night football game mention, remind them that if they stop at 2Click first, they can raise money for their favorite group... You get the idea.

So, here's the list of A-Z Buzz Words to help remind you and your supporters how to spread the word about 2Clickfundraising. Happy shopping!

Can't say enough good things about Amazon--Spread the word

B Books
Amazon, Borders, Barnes, Ebooks, Regular books, cookbooks

C Computer everything
Anti Virus software,, Tiger Direct

D Dick's Sporting Goods
15% off one single item about once or twice a month

E Electronics
Is someone buying electronics--Ask them to price check with Amazon

F Flowers
1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-BASKETS and FTD all offer great flowers

G Gap
Nice Deals, couple times a month

H Help
Helping your favorite group is as easy as ever! Just go shopping online.

I iTunes
Calling all music lovers

J Jerseys
MC Sports, Dick's Sporting Goods, ESPN Shop

K Kindle
Anyone buying a Kindle? Nice commission to your group.

L Last-minute Gifts
You can email or print an Amazon gift card--And, they're commissionable.

M Mutt
PetCo has a breed Test called Biopet. We found out the breeds of our mutt, and had a great time with it. Big fun for $60.

N New
New Shoes? New coat? New speakers? New wardrobe? New anything.

O Office Supplies
Office Depot Free, NEXT Day shipping orders over $25

P Present Ideas
Don't know what to get? Shutterfly and Kodak Gallery. Great present ideas.

Q Questions about 2click?
Have 2Click questions? Email me,

R Razors
Amazon has big brands cheaper than Target. Cheaper even than Costco, and you have to buy a membership there!

S Sales
Sign up for merchant alerts and hear about sales at your favorite merchant

T Travel
Flight, Hotel, Rental Car, Priceline

U Underwear

V Venti gives a great percentage back--get your Venti coffees at home.

W Wine
Penny shipping days twice a month makes this a great idea to stock up.

X Xylophones
From colorful toys to $1,700 instruments, Amazon has them.

Y Youtube
Does anyone want to know more about 2click? Check out the YouTube videos.

Z Zucchini
Order fresh produce and all groceries from Peapod, give money to your group.

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