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Friday, August 28, 2009

Being successful with

There is one major problem when your group decides to raise funds with It's too EASY!! People here the idea, say that's great, maybe forward one email and think they're done. Unfortunately ... it's not THAT easy.

You have to treat it more like a traditional fundraiser. When you sell wrapping paper, you pick up the phone and call friends & family, ask neighbors to buy some, collect money, distribute the rolls, etc. Put half of that effort into this fundraiser, and you will certainly reap larger rewards.

1. Assign Tasks to People - Make people feel needed and accountable. "Who wears Contact Lenses?" Assign that person the task of researching 1-800 Contacts. If you can feel good about pushing all of the Contact users in your group to buy them through 2click, that'd be nice. "Who is a Wine drinker?" Have them sign up for Merchant Alerts at and, then when they see great deals come through, they'll be ready to spread the word to the group and other wine fans. "Does anyone Travel a lot?" "Anyone big into Shoes?" They will feel involved and you can find opportunities your missing.

2. Bring it up at EVERY meeting. People like 2click, they just don't remember it. When you mention 2click at every meeting, the reaction will not be, "Oh, geez, this again." It will be more like, "Oh, that's right! and, I have to buy Timmy's birthday present soon, too." Maybe have a suggestion or request ready for each meeting. Email me for suggestions, but here are some ... Make your Home page, Add simple tag line to the bottom of all your emails, Email the last three people you drank wine with to tell them about 1 cent shipping deal, Remind them about music downloads at 2click (iTunes and Amazon MP3), etc.

3. Get creative! You know your community better than I do. And, somewhere in your community, people are spending a lot of money online. If you can do just a little legwork, and find those people some savings, they will GLADLY help you out with 2 extra clicks. Ask a small business for their latest supplies bill from Staples and compare that with (and the $30 coupon) or little leaguers all buy new shoes around the same time, put together a flyer (or ask us!).

4. If you are in the Chicagoland area, have me come speak. I would love to help get people excited about this program. I'm a BIG believer and will help turn your people into believers, too. If not, check out Youtube in the coming weeks, I will be recording and uploading my next presentation.

Best of luck. If you have ANY questions or requests at all, email me,

Smart saving and happy clicking,