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Monday, October 19, 2009

Are you a Catalog Freak like my wife?

My wife is just crazy about catalogs. They stack up like crazy, especially around the holidays, but she still keeps them and flips through every page. One day, when her stack was overflowing in her mail drawer, I threw some out. She made it very clear, I should not do that in the future. Okay, even if you buy from catalogs just once and a while ... here is a great way to SAVE MONEY and MAKE MONEY for your organization.

First, we have some catalogs in our network, so instead of calling in, go online to Click on the Organization you want to make money, and then on the link for that catalog (Colorful Images, EToys, Highlights Catalog, and more). Your purchase will be the same price, but your Organization will make a portion of the purchase price.

But ... here is a way to actually SAVE money. Recently, my wife was about to buy a Christmas present out of a catalog. It was this cool mug, that looked like an upside down Beer Bottle, inside the mug for my beer drinking brother (hope he's not reading this). It was $24.99 plus shipping. Anyways, instead of calling up the catalog, I did a quick search on Amazon. I found it for $20, and since I had another small thing to buy, shipping was free (over $25). Interestingly enough, it's also $19.99 on their website. I don't know if they reduced the price or if it's lower on the site, but we saved over $10.

So, I started to look around at some more. Some of the items I found were not on Amazon and some were there, offered through the same catalog I found it in, so it was the same price. But, every time I found it, it was the same or cheaper. Here are some examples of what I found ...

PotpourriPersonalized Man Cave Sign$49.95$39.95$10.00
SolutionsSongwriter CD Recorder$399.00$311.43$87.57
Solutions35mm Film Converter$99.95$89.90$10.05
What on EarthElvis Presley Guitar Shirt$49.95$39.99$9.96

Well, I could go on and on. So, if you are thinking of ordering from a catalog, look around a bit. You can probably save money and make money for your organization!

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Smart saving and happy clicking,