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Monday, September 7, 2009

Price comparison on Musical Instruments

Dear 2Click -

As a person who uses 2Click ( whenever it is possible - as long as an online store that I am looking at price shopping with has a link thru I want to say thanks for a cool site that has helped me shop for good deals and service, and be able to give money back. Yes, I am a musician and I always seem to be buying gear...seriously, it seems like always. Yes, I have done the ebay thing...a lot. (Editors Note! Ebay is in the network, too!!) Until recently I thought ebay was the only way to buy gear online, but I AM WRONG. After a rash of marginal or weak ebay experiences I decided to start looking at buying new stuff online instead of the ebay stuff. I figured having new gear could be a sound investment (pardon the pun), but really I just wanted to start getting what I wanted, and I wanted it in good, functioning shape. So, granted I am not buying gear for an orchestra or a huge band, but I figure I can do something - I give back to the Fisher House charity.

My most recent purchases this summer were both thru Musician's Friend and I think were great deals. 1st, I bought an Electro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb pedal for my electric guitar, cost me $118.50 including shipping and IT IS GUARANTEED/WARANTEED to work. Price was the same as buying it new everywhere I searched on the internet (ebay, zzounds,&nbs p; and shipping was free. Ebay was $20 cheaper, but most of those guys didn't have free shipping and clearly no guarantee/warantee. Pedal came in 3 days and sounds great/works great. A month later I decided to buy a Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner thru 2Click. Same deal, I searched all the sites and found that the best deal was thru 2Click and Musician's Friend for only $99.00 with free shipping.. Ebay couldn't promise me the quality and the other sites don't offer free shipping. So purchase number two of the summer was the tuner.. Both products have been successes. So, I know my 2Click choice was Fisher House, but I don't know how much ended up going to Fisher House. If you could tell me that would be awesome. I know people buy all kinds of things thru 2Click. Music is my passion and 2Click makes feel about spending money on my tools and toys. Thanks.

jack higgins

Your answer, Jack ... For just 2 clicks before you made those purchases, Fisher House made $9.97. So, Fisher House and 2clickfundraising thank you for your 2 clicks. AND, your note. And, please note, Ebay is also in the network!

Keep clicking!