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Monday, January 4, 2010

Target, Amazon and the Pink Leapster

My wife and I had finally figured out what we wanted to get our three little kids. I already had bought my son a bike (at Amazon, of course), and told my wife that I would buy my daughter the Pink Leapster we talked about, and the Tinker Bell game that goes with it. She (erroneously) thought Target had the Leapster for $35, and I was shocked to see it on Amazon for $48! So, got bundled up and I drove to Target.

The Leapster was $59 (so $11 more than Amazon), and both games we were considering (the Tinker Bell game and a Princesses game) were $1 to $2 cheaper on

So, I drove back home and ordered it at Amazon. And, that purchase (and, the 2 clicks before going to Amazon), just the Leapster and the game generated about $4.00 in revenue for my Fisher House fundraiser. So, other than the wasted trip to Target, everything worked out just fine.

If you know someone who doesn't know Amazon is the cheapest, share this with them.
If you know a good 2click success story, share it with me! (

Smart saving and happy clicking,