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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fundraise Smarter, Not Harder

Another year has come and gone, and the gap between the highest and lowest earning groups on our site gets wider and wider. The top few groups are killing it, earning more and more every year. But, many of the groups continue to make a few bucks, but nothing to write home about.

So, I set out to discover why these top performing groups do so well using 2click. On the surface, they are lucky to have found a big time shopper in their support group. But, looking deeper, they did some smart, simple things to be in a position to be lucky.

“You won’t catch a fish if your pole’s not in the water.” – Anonymous.

Here are some examples of simple things they did. One of which, landed a big fish.

1. Orientation for Key Players … Key players will have a different meaning for each group. That can be leadership positions, such as Principal, Coach, or President, or others that simply interact with a lot of people. Sitting down in front of a computer, pulling up, clicking on your group, and then Amazon takes about a minute. But, it’s a powerful minute as they see first-hand how easy this process is. If the Principal can add a line to their emails during high shopping seasons, the Coach can explain it at a parents meeting, or the President could add a mention to the agenda of each meeting, that would go a long way. Our best group sat down with the Office Personnel and walked through the process. Front Office personnel know just about everyone in the school, if they use and understand, they’re bound to help spread the word.

2. Timing/Placement of Handouts … Flyers help explain and remind people, so they should be part of your strategy (ask me for a flyer). But, put some thought into the location or timing of when they’re handed out. The longer they hold on to it, or the more often they see it, the better. One group has a stack of 2click handouts right next to the sign in sheet in the office. Every time someone drops off or picks up their kid, they see the handouts (making the Office Personnel above even more important).

3. Key Info Business Cards. This was one of the best ideas I heard from the feedback. At the beginning of the school year, they printed up business cards (I can help with the design and finding pricing for you) with phone numbers and important dates, and lined both sides with reminders. Families put the card in their wallet, on the fridge, or near their computer, and see 2click on a regular basis.

4. Pick a Specific Goal. I don’t think a specific dollar amount is as important as what you’ll do with the money. If you can point to one item, that the 2click money will go to, they are more likely to identify with the cause, remember to use it, and ask others to use it, too. Remind them often, “We’re half way to a new drinking fountain!”

5. Repeat the Message. I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t think the 2 clicks are worth it. It’s all in remembering to use it, and asking others to remember to use it. If your group is on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, share our posts, post something yourself. When you use 2click to shop at Amazon, they have that very simple last page where you can share in on Facebook, “Thanks,” is all you have to type, and you’re reminding all of your friends. Newsletters, other flyers, calendars, all of that should have reminders. Don’t know what to send out? Ask me!

Take a few minutes to think about your group, and how you can start the ball rolling. I’d love to hear your ideas. If I can help at all, with flyers, planning a strategy, or just answering questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out …

Thanks for using 2click!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Making a Success

I have been running for over 5 years now, and each year I get a better and better handle on what it takes to be successful using this program. There’s no selling, which people like, but you can’t just sit back and wait for a check either. But, follow these simple steps, and I can’t imagine you not being very happy with your results.

1. Even BEFORE you sign up … ask people if they like shopping online, or have family and friends that do. It is really hard to change people’s shopping habits, if no one really likes online shopping, don’t waste your time. If you get some yeses, signing up is a no brainer. But, write down those names of people that said they shop online. A couple friendly follow ups, could be all you need to get the ball rolling. “Joan, just following up, it sounded like you shopped at Amazon, have you been using Is it easy enough?”

2. Show a Youtube Video at a meeting. The last 2 videos, “6 People that would love to help you fundraise” and “2click Success stories – getting more bang for your Clicks” are definitely helping. They’re simple 6 minute videos that help show how successful this program can be, with a few smart phone calls to the right people. Any fundraiser needs help from people outside the main members (if not, just pass around a hat), but no one is going to call their 200 closest friends and tell them all about our great website. But, the videos will trigger a few people that everyone knows, that could make you hundreds of dollars a year.

3. Passing out 2click flyers. We make flyers and personalize them. And, the more you pass them out, the more it will be on their minds. Every time you send something out, email or snail mail, you should have a 2click flyer in there. Ask me to personalize one for you. Or, even make one specifically for you.

4. Put 2click in the minutes. If you need suggestions, email me. But, whether you’re sharing last months results, telling everyone about a purchase that someone made through 2click recently, or highlighting a current deal you saw on the site, the simple reminders are key. Around the holidays, strategize about how you can reach the most online shoppers possible.

5. Cross Promotion. If you are having a Car Wash, pass out 2click flyers. Big football game? Pass out flyers. Do you have a website? Get a link on there. Selling wrapping paper for the Holidays? Leave those supporters with a flyer when you drop off the wrapping paper. (they obviously support the group, they don’t want that wrapping paper!)

6. Use it! This is obvious, but using the site yourself will help a ton. There are tons of every day products you can buy on Amazon that will save you money and raise money for your group. When people hear how you are shopping through 2click and Amazon to buy batteries, coffee K Cups, razors, printer ink, and hundreds of other everyday products, they are sure to follow suit.

Finally, take advantage of my help. I can make flyers, do a video for you, if you’re near Chicago, I can come speak at a meeting, whatever I can help with, I’m right here …

Best of luck! Jeff.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

6 People you know ... and more ideas to help fundraise

6 types of people would love to help you fundraise. And, the best part is, you don't have to sell them a thing!

Watch the video ...

Download the Worksheet ...

More People to Call

Big Online Shoppers! This was a little obvious to include in the video, but definitely, you should be thinking about those people who may or may not fall in to one of the 6 categories, but who shop online a lot. Call them for sure!

Website Fans! Go through the list of Merchants ( and think of anyone who is a fan of those websites. Assuming they frequent the site ... Not only would that be a recurring purchase, when people do something over and over, it's easier to remember each time. If you shop online once a year, it's hard to remember to go to 2click first. If you do it all the time, it's simple. Know anyone that's always using Groupon? iTunes? EBay? Amazon?

Gadget Guys! You know those people that always have to have the latest hot gadget? They also like to have the latest speakers and covers and chords and cases and ... Tell them about Amazon!

Gamers! Video game fans are always buying games. New or Used. Xbox or Nintendo. Online or in house. We have Amazon and Gamestop, two of the best. Ask them for 2 clicks!

Eaters! Know anyone who eats? Popcorn Factory, Omaha Steaks,, Cookies by Design, David's Cookies, Mrs. Fields. All of them give a great percentage back, so if you know anyone planning a party or

More Ideas to Boost Activity

Have a Brainstorming Get-Together. Get people together, and ask them to brainstorm on what purchases are happening in your town. You and your families know your town better than I do. Rumors are online shopping continues to grow each year, so you know more and more people in your town are shopping online. Ask for ideas on what people have bought online, and see if you can target other people, buying the same thing. What products are hot in your town? What purchases are required by the sports teams and music classes and book clubs in your area? Bring a Laptop and do quick searches to find the lowest price, then blast that out to your families.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

3 steps to raising big money, like the 2click guy does.

My one man fundraising account does better than a lot of our groups. How do I do it? Do I spend that much money online? Do I work that hard at it?

No, I don't work THAT hard, and I, myself, don't spend very much at all. And, here's how I do it. 3 steps ...

1. Listen to your friends and family.
2. Take 5 minutes on
3. Share your findings and Ask for 2 clicks.

Listen to your friends and family. When they're talking, listen intently for purchases they make. Here's an example ... my brother-in-law, Tim, is a big believer in Fish Oil pills. It's believed to be good for your heart, skin, joints, brain, and more. He tells me he has three pills a day. Sounds like a Recurring Purchase to me! Those are the best.

Take 5 minutes on I asked Tim where he buys the Fish Oil pills. He told me the site, and that they had great prices. So, I spent 5 minutes comparing the prices on that site, with the prices on Amazon. No surprise to me, Amazon was cheaper. After shipping and handling, his site was $45.52, and Amazon was $40.32. Neither site charged Tax. No more than 5 minutes.

Share your findings with your friend. I emailed him, told him Amazon was $5 cheaper, and if he goes through 2click, about $2 of that order will go to help Fisher House. Next time Fish Oil pills come up with him, I'll ask if he's remembering 2click.

Fundraising doesn't have to be selling stuff. Just follow these 3 steps, and save some money, for yourself, AND your friends. Oh, and raise a lot of money for your cause!

For more examples of ways to raise and save, watch this Youtube video ...

SHOOT ME AN EMAIL with questions, feedback ... anything!!

Happy clicking!
Jeff, the 2click guy.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why you should Ask Supporters to watch latest video is a very unique fundraiser. And, because of that, it some times takes groups a little while to "get" it. This video aims at informing and motivating them to take full advantage of the many benefits of 2click. As I like to say, "it's better than selling stuff!"

Please ask your supporters to watch the video, and we will all get off on the right foot, and have a great year.

Jeff, the 2click guy.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Raising money for your group with Office Depot

Asking your supporters to shop online at Office Depot is a great way for your group to make money. As you may know, I run this site as a busines, but I also USE it to raise money for Fisher House, which helps Military Families in need. I ask my friends and family to help support the cause, and not surprisingly, we are often the top earning group, as we were again in May. Office Depot is a big part of that. First, why Office Depot ...

1. They are an established merchant with very competitive prices.

2. They offer NEXT DAY free shipping on anything over $25.

3. There is a great coupon for $30 off when you spend $150 (find it at

4. These are regular, recurring purchases, not one time stuff or holiday only type of purchases. Make money all year long!

With just a TINY bit of effort, your group can cash in on this, too!

Ask for full participation. Too often, I think 2click is a "I'll try to remember that" type of endeavor. Ask people to call five people(details below). And, remember, you're not asking them to buy wrapping paper or cookie dough, this is something people actually NEED. And, are already buying. You're just aking them to price shop at (after going to, of course!) Tell them, if you're getting a better deal somewhere else, great! But, I'm willing to bet a large number of people will start SAVING money, and MAKING money for your group!

Who to target? Ask people to think of friends and family in small business. Small businesses are often in need of supplies, and always looking to save money. Write down five people's names and give them a call! Hey, maybe even YOUR organization needs supplies, huh? Ask around!

Best of luck, and happy clicking!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here are the Big Deals

We've got some good deals running with our merchants right now! So while we won't be buying from Amazon for much longer (but you still can for nine days, get on it!)

Omaha Steaks
Save up to 65% plus Choose a FREE Gift at Omaha Steaks.
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Borders Books & Music

33% off Award Winning Planet Earth DVDs and more!! In Celebration of Earth Day, get 33% off Select BBC DVDs with Code BBCPROMOAF.
Good through 04/25/2011

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc

Save 5% at Thrifty Car Rental on your travel reservations! Enter Promo code LINKS.
Good through 04/30/2011

Office Depot, Inc
Take $30 Off Your Delivery Order of $150 or More from! Excludes Technology.
Good through 06/26/2011

Save on Just Reduced Merchandise at!
Good through 06/30/2011
15% Off Select Gifts at With Code GIFT15!
Good through 12/31/2011