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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Making a Success

I have been running for over 5 years now, and each year I get a better and better handle on what it takes to be successful using this program. There’s no selling, which people like, but you can’t just sit back and wait for a check either. But, follow these simple steps, and I can’t imagine you not being very happy with your results.

1. Even BEFORE you sign up … ask people if they like shopping online, or have family and friends that do. It is really hard to change people’s shopping habits, if no one really likes online shopping, don’t waste your time. If you get some yeses, signing up is a no brainer. But, write down those names of people that said they shop online. A couple friendly follow ups, could be all you need to get the ball rolling. “Joan, just following up, it sounded like you shopped at Amazon, have you been using Is it easy enough?”

2. Show a Youtube Video at a meeting. The last 2 videos, “6 People that would love to help you fundraise” and “2click Success stories – getting more bang for your Clicks” are definitely helping. They’re simple 6 minute videos that help show how successful this program can be, with a few smart phone calls to the right people. Any fundraiser needs help from people outside the main members (if not, just pass around a hat), but no one is going to call their 200 closest friends and tell them all about our great website. But, the videos will trigger a few people that everyone knows, that could make you hundreds of dollars a year.

3. Passing out 2click flyers. We make flyers and personalize them. And, the more you pass them out, the more it will be on their minds. Every time you send something out, email or snail mail, you should have a 2click flyer in there. Ask me to personalize one for you. Or, even make one specifically for you.

4. Put 2click in the minutes. If you need suggestions, email me. But, whether you’re sharing last months results, telling everyone about a purchase that someone made through 2click recently, or highlighting a current deal you saw on the site, the simple reminders are key. Around the holidays, strategize about how you can reach the most online shoppers possible.

5. Cross Promotion. If you are having a Car Wash, pass out 2click flyers. Big football game? Pass out flyers. Do you have a website? Get a link on there. Selling wrapping paper for the Holidays? Leave those supporters with a flyer when you drop off the wrapping paper. (they obviously support the group, they don’t want that wrapping paper!)

6. Use it! This is obvious, but using the site yourself will help a ton. There are tons of every day products you can buy on Amazon that will save you money and raise money for your group. When people hear how you are shopping through 2click and Amazon to buy batteries, coffee K Cups, razors, printer ink, and hundreds of other everyday products, they are sure to follow suit.

Finally, take advantage of my help. I can make flyers, do a video for you, if you’re near Chicago, I can come speak at a meeting, whatever I can help with, I’m right here …

Best of luck! Jeff.