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Thursday, March 8, 2012

6 People you know ... and more ideas to help fundraise

6 types of people would love to help you fundraise. And, the best part is, you don't have to sell them a thing!

Watch the video ...

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More People to Call

Big Online Shoppers! This was a little obvious to include in the video, but definitely, you should be thinking about those people who may or may not fall in to one of the 6 categories, but who shop online a lot. Call them for sure!

Website Fans! Go through the list of Merchants ( and think of anyone who is a fan of those websites. Assuming they frequent the site ... Not only would that be a recurring purchase, when people do something over and over, it's easier to remember each time. If you shop online once a year, it's hard to remember to go to 2click first. If you do it all the time, it's simple. Know anyone that's always using Groupon? iTunes? EBay? Amazon?

Gadget Guys! You know those people that always have to have the latest hot gadget? They also like to have the latest speakers and covers and chords and cases and ... Tell them about Amazon!

Gamers! Video game fans are always buying games. New or Used. Xbox or Nintendo. Online or in house. We have Amazon and Gamestop, two of the best. Ask them for 2 clicks!

Eaters! Know anyone who eats? Popcorn Factory, Omaha Steaks,, Cookies by Design, David's Cookies, Mrs. Fields. All of them give a great percentage back, so if you know anyone planning a party or

More Ideas to Boost Activity

Have a Brainstorming Get-Together. Get people together, and ask them to brainstorm on what purchases are happening in your town. You and your families know your town better than I do. Rumors are online shopping continues to grow each year, so you know more and more people in your town are shopping online. Ask for ideas on what people have bought online, and see if you can target other people, buying the same thing. What products are hot in your town? What purchases are required by the sports teams and music classes and book clubs in your area? Bring a Laptop and do quick searches to find the lowest price, then blast that out to your families.