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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Need Electronics. Think!

Last month, the TV in my bedroom finally died. It lived a long, good life. The armoir could fit a 32 inch TV, so that's what I was looking for.

I went to Best Buy, and wrote down the prices for three or four brands, with various bells and whistles. Then I logged on to and clicked on Fisher House (the cause I support on 2click). I decided to check out the prices on three different websites.

ABT Electronics and both had the TVs I had just priced out and 3 out of the 4 were the exact same price (the other was more expensive then Best Buy). ABT has 1,000s of products with Free Shipping and that was one and was running a special with $2.99 shipping on most items. So, that was close enough for a wash.

Then, I went to (clicking through 2click first, of course!) and typed in the same model numbers. Amazon had the exact same prices as Best Buy on all four models. The kicker is, I got NO SHIPPING and NO TAX! The tax alone saved me $60 (I live in Cook County, ouch).

On top of that, Amazon gives 6%. So, minus the 2click fee, Fisher House got 4.2% of my $600 purchase, or over $24. Just for making 2 extra clicks!!

The TV came to my front door, two days later and is now installed upstairs in the bedroom. Where I end my day watching Important Things with Demetri Martin (have you seen that? he's hysterical! It's on Comedy Central.).

If you know someone in the market for electronics, share this with them.
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Smart saving and happy clicking,