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Monday, June 6, 2011

Raising money for your group with Office Depot

Asking your supporters to shop online at Office Depot is a great way for your group to make money. As you may know, I run this site as a busines, but I also USE it to raise money for Fisher House, which helps Military Families in need. I ask my friends and family to help support the cause, and not surprisingly, we are often the top earning group, as we were again in May. Office Depot is a big part of that. First, why Office Depot ...

1. They are an established merchant with very competitive prices.

2. They offer NEXT DAY free shipping on anything over $25.

3. There is a great coupon for $30 off when you spend $150 (find it at

4. These are regular, recurring purchases, not one time stuff or holiday only type of purchases. Make money all year long!

With just a TINY bit of effort, your group can cash in on this, too!

Ask for full participation. Too often, I think 2click is a "I'll try to remember that" type of endeavor. Ask people to call five people(details below). And, remember, you're not asking them to buy wrapping paper or cookie dough, this is something people actually NEED. And, are already buying. You're just aking them to price shop at (after going to, of course!) Tell them, if you're getting a better deal somewhere else, great! But, I'm willing to bet a large number of people will start SAVING money, and MAKING money for your group!

Who to target? Ask people to think of friends and family in small business. Small businesses are often in need of supplies, and always looking to save money. Write down five people's names and give them a call! Hey, maybe even YOUR organization needs supplies, huh? Ask around!

Best of luck, and happy clicking!