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Saturday, October 15, 2011

3 steps to raising big money, like the 2click guy does.

My one man fundraising account does better than a lot of our groups. How do I do it? Do I spend that much money online? Do I work that hard at it?

No, I don't work THAT hard, and I, myself, don't spend very much at all. And, here's how I do it. 3 steps ...

1. Listen to your friends and family.
2. Take 5 minutes on
3. Share your findings and Ask for 2 clicks.

Listen to your friends and family. When they're talking, listen intently for purchases they make. Here's an example ... my brother-in-law, Tim, is a big believer in Fish Oil pills. It's believed to be good for your heart, skin, joints, brain, and more. He tells me he has three pills a day. Sounds like a Recurring Purchase to me! Those are the best.

Take 5 minutes on I asked Tim where he buys the Fish Oil pills. He told me the site, and that they had great prices. So, I spent 5 minutes comparing the prices on that site, with the prices on Amazon. No surprise to me, Amazon was cheaper. After shipping and handling, his site was $45.52, and Amazon was $40.32. Neither site charged Tax. No more than 5 minutes.

Share your findings with your friend. I emailed him, told him Amazon was $5 cheaper, and if he goes through 2click, about $2 of that order will go to help Fisher House. Next time Fish Oil pills come up with him, I'll ask if he's remembering 2click.

Fundraising doesn't have to be selling stuff. Just follow these 3 steps, and save some money, for yourself, AND your friends. Oh, and raise a lot of money for your cause!

For more examples of ways to raise and save, watch this Youtube video ...

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Happy clicking!
Jeff, the 2click guy.